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Privacy Policy

Comprehensive reporting about collecting, processing, and using your data ("data processing”) is the cornerstone of an adequate privacy policy. As a result, we would like to inform you:

·       For what type of activities do we process data, and when

·       What types of data do we process, and the purposes for processing

·       Who will receive the data

·       What are your rights associated with our processing of your data?

This Privacy Policy only governs the use of personal data on our websites. If you leave our website via a link or visit our pages on a social media platform, you also leave the scope of this Privacy Policy.

The transmission of information to or from this website is secured with TLS encryption.

You can always review, print, or download this privacy policy at any time at




Responsible party for data processing on this website within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Beatrice Everett LLC
Tel.: (866) 311-8897

Further information can be found in the Site notice section of this website.




1. Collecting and processing Personal Data

The service of providing this website requires the processing of various types of information. Furthermore, the scope of data processing depends on your use of the functionalities of the website, e.g., whether you register in the job portal, communicate with us via the contact form, or consent to the processing of data.

You are not required to provide us with personal data. However, if the provision of data is technically required when you access our site, refusal will result in your being unable to access and use our website.

2. Data deletion and duration of storage

It will be deleted if there is no legal basis for processing your data. In some cases, however, a legal basis may exist in a separate arena, or a rationale that is no longer applicable may be replaced by a new one, e.g., the obligation to retain specific data as a statutory record-keeping requirement.





1. Application via Beatrice Everett

Once you go to our website, you may add various other personal information to our form provided and upload documents such as CVs, portfolios, and certificates to complete it. Any additional information is provided voluntarily. Your data will be processed accordingly based on your consent.

We use your required and voluntary additional information exclusively for the purposes of providing the job portal and its functionalities. This also applies to data that you enter in the uploaded documents. If you share your information as part of an application or make it publicly visible in your profile, we will transmit it accordingly or present it in such a way that it can be viewed by these users. Publicly visible data may also be accessed by headhunters or other recruiters for recruitment purposes. Your data cannot be viewed by third parties outside the job portal. 

If you apply for a job posting via the application function of the portal, we will send your application documents to the respective employer. In all other cases, the data is collected directly via a frame by the employer or the service provider used for the candidate search.

As a rule, the legal basis for the processing of your data is the necessity to fulfill our contractual obligations. If you submit an application independently, the legal basis consists of your consent to share your data.


 2. Applying for positions at Beatrice Everett

The website https://www.beatriceeverett/services offers you the option to apply directly to positions at Beatrice Everett LLC.

To manage applicants, we require your contact data (first and last name, phone number, email address), information on your education, details about your professional career, and skills. In some cases, information on your further education and training (resume and cover letter) is also required.

3. Contact form

​You may send us an inquiry any time using our website's various contact forms. To facilitate your inquiry, we request that you submit the following information: Email address, subject, and content of your request (if you contact our sales team, also include industry). The information is marked as mandatory fields. Providing any other data you transmit to us as part of the inquiry, also via the free text field or in documents uploaded and attached to your inquiry, is voluntary.

We use this data exclusively to respond to your inquiry and to facilitate associated communications. The legal basis of this type of data processing depends on the content of your request. As a rule, our legitimate interest in providing contact functionality and responding to your inquiry using the transmitted data applies here. If your request is aimed at entering into a contract with us, any processing is based on the extent of this precontractual obligation.

Your data will be deleted as soon as your request has been processed. If a contract is entered into, we may conduct additional processing to fulfill our contractual obligation.

4. Email Notification / Newsletter

An essential component of our services offered on the job portal is to notify you of exciting job opportunities. If you register, we will also use your email address to send you notifications and newsletters informing you about suitable job opportunities and services Beatrice Everett LLC offers.


The site does not rent or sell personal information that you choose to provide to us nor do we disclose credit card or other personal financial information to third parties other than as necessary to complete a credit card or other financial transaction or as required by law. The site does engage certain third parties to perform functions and provide services, including, without limitation, hosting and maintenance, customer relationships, database storage and management, payment transactions, and direct marketing campaigns. We will share your personal information with these third parties, but only to the extent necessary to perform the functions and provide the services, and only according to binding contractual obligations requiring such third parties to maintain the privacy and security of your data.

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